MixBOT League

The Next Gaming Platform

What is MixBOT?

MixBOT is a third-party gaming platform for Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, we provides league-level ring0 anti-cheat protection as well as high performance game servers, keeping the cheaters away and maintain healthy and competitive esport scene for our user.

Why MixBOT?

MixBOT are created by Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Gamers in Asia, Unlike other foreign companies that recently expanding to Asia for profits. We know what is missing in asia esport scene and we will make it better with mixbot

History of mixbot

Professional Tournament Solution & Server provider in Asia region for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What we provides:

Clan scrim system

Team vs Team on our anti-cheat secured server

Match-making system

Matchmaking lobby to play with your friend and compete with other!

Casual Servers

Too much competitive? We also had community casual server!

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